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OptimaBSC, a Bitrix24 Partner, provides Bitrix24 subscriptions & licences and valued added services like system setup & support and user training, helping clients automate and optimise their businesses processes.

How we can help you?

Bitrix24 Evaluation & Selection

We offer a FREE service to help you evaluate Bitrix24, compare its features to your requirements and choose the right option to best suit your needs.

Bitrix24 Subscriptions & Licences

As a registered Bitrix24 Partner we offer the full range of Bitrix24 Cloud Subscriptions and On-Premise Licenses, Upgrades & Maintenance plans.

Bitrix24 Implementation & Support

We have specialist expertise and experience to help you to setup and customise your Bitrix24 Cloud or On-Premise, as well as provide you with ongoing support.

Bitrix24 User Training

We can assist with Bitrix24 Cloud and On-Premise training for all users, including administrative and extranet users.

Business Process Optimisation & Automation

We provide consulting services to help you improve, optimise and automate your business processes, ensuring they are aligned with your systems.

Domains & Cloud Hosting

We offer domain registration and various cloud hosting options for your cloud-based applications, including Bitrix24 On-Premise installations.

Our Clients

Some of our clients

What our Clients say about us:

“Eddels Shoes employed the services of OptimaBSC to implement the Bitrix24 CRM system during 2019. The services received from OptimaBSC were friendly and professional and the project was completed on time without any issues. The Bitrix24 CRM has played a major role in our marketing strategy and has proven to be an invaluable tool for managing our direct communication with our current and prospective customers. It is easy to use and covers all the bases.”

Eddels Shoes logo

C .Bowes

Eddels Shoes

“OptimaBSC helped us implement and rollout Bitrix24 across the business within a matter of days. The training and support has been excellent. Thanks to OptimaBSC, Bitrix24 has become an integral part of the business, allowing us to streamline our internal communication, bring transparency to the management of tasks and continues to bring efficiency to our business processes through workflow automation.”

G. Dales

CIO, Daly Credit Corp.
“I have found OptimaBSC, especially Grant, to be incredibly helpful. They have helped me streamline my leads funnel between my social media channels and my CRM.”
“I have been most grateful for their services. Grant has proved to be most knowledgeable in this field. When many other service providers could not get it right OptimaBSC ‘NAILED IT’.”
“I would highly recommend OptimaBSC if you need help with managing your business.”

A. Clausen

CEO, Oxylisious

“OptimaBSC has been a phenomenal asset in getting us set up with our new CRM.  At the onset they laid out the project plan and took great pains to understand what we required from the system and then married this up to what was possible in the Bitrix24 framework.  They have spent thankless hours converting all our company documents into an electronic format to take us to the next step of automation, ensuring that our corporate image is well equipped to offer the highest standard of customer service.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them should other firms require a customer relationship management system.”

B. Jackson

Durban Regional Manager

“After deciding to move away from an antiquated CRM, I researched many different CRM programmes and found Bitrix24 to have the balance of excellent functionality and good pricing.”
“We had a CRM database of 20000+ contacts and 20000+ companies which had to be imported to Bitrix24. OptimaBSC had to reorganise the extracted data and configure Bitrix24 to accept our custom data fields. Grant grasped the intricacies of my business and setup Bitrix24 up accordingly. This was endeavour wasn’t a simple but was successfully completed and Bitrix24 has been tailored to suit my company’s unique needs.”

H. Maister

Managing Director

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