Bitrix24 Cloud Plans

Bitrix24 Cloud Plan Changes

The below important updates to the Bitrix24 Cloud subscription plans will come into effect as from 1st August 2024, and the changes will be implemented in the 30 to 60 days thereafter.

Why the changes?

Over the past 12 years, Bitrix24 has consistently evolved to better meet customer demands. As part of the No-Legacy project, some existing limits are being updated to improve efficiency. The aim is to make the subscription plans more convenient and tailored to address specific business challenges.

What are the changes?

The changes will affect fewer than 5% of the features, but they may be significant for users of professional project management tools.

The key updates to the Bitrix24 plans include:

  • Observers and Participants, Subtasks, Work Evaluation and Accept Work are moving from the Basic plan to the Standard plan.
  • Projects will now be available starting from the Standard plan.
  • Time Tracking for Tasks, Supervision, Delegation, Deadline Planning and Project Templates will be available starting from the Standard plan.
  • Free Slots, Inviting External Participants and Meeting Room Selection are moving to the Professional plan.
  • Message History in chats and channels will be shown for only 30 days on the free plan, while it will be unlimited on all paid plans.

What is the impact on existing subscriptions?

For Bitrix24 accounts using advanced features that will no longer be available in the current plan, an upgrade will be necessary. The transition will work as follows:

  • For Bitrix24 clients not using these advanced features, no action is required.
  • For Bitrix24 clients using these advanced features and wanting to continue using these features, the subscription will need to upgrade to a plan that includes the features.

According to the Bitrix24 No-Legacy policy, clients will be upgraded to the next plan at no extra charge until the end of their current subscription.

As an example, if a client is using one of these features and has an annual Bitrix24 Standard subscription with seven months left, the subscription will be upgraded to Bitrix24 Professional subscription for the remaining seven months without any additional cost. Once the subscription period expires, the client will be billed for Bitrix24 Professional at regular prices.

Got questions about these changes?

Contact Optima for more information or for answers to your specific questions.

What are the specific changes by plan?

The specific changes by Bitrix24 plans are:


  • Limit changed on Event Planner removed on Standard plan.
  • Open Slots, Shared Slots and Event Invitation by email (iCalendar) removed from Basic & Standard plans.
  • Configurable meeting room list removed from Basic & Standard plans.


  • Company Drive removed from Standard plan.
  • Public File & Folder Sharing removed from Standard plan.
  • 3rd Party Online Storage Integrations (One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox) removed from Free, Basic & Standard plans.


  • Collaborative Editing, Online Document Co-editing, Real-time Editing and Auto-save now available on Free & Basic plans for 10 days.


  • Chat History storage period limit of 30 days on Free plan.

Tasks & Projects

  • Subtasks removed from Free & Basic plans.
  • Task Rating by Supervisor, Check Task on Completion and Restore Deleted Tasks from Recycle Bin removed from Basic plan.
  • Task integration with CRM, Calendar & Webmail removed from Free plan.
  • Project Management removed from Free & Basic plans.
  • Professional Task & Project Management removed from Free, Basic & Standard plans.
  • Task Automation: Recurring Tasks, Templates with Subtasks and Shared Templates removed from Standard plan.
  • Dashboard editor for Tasks removed from Free, Basic and Standard plans.
  • Scrum removed from Free, Basic & Standard plans.
  • Scrum maximum number of team limits on Professional & Enterprise plans.

Business Automation

  • Test Workflow Log Access limit of 7 days applied to Professional & Enterprise plans.