Bitrix24 Solutions for Access Permissions

Bitrix24 Solutions for Access PermissionsIn the information age today, data privacy and security is not only critically important to any business’s success and survival, it is also a legal requirement in many countries that data is protected. To ensure data privacy and security, access to data must be managed and controlled. Systems must be able to limit data access to specific groups of people based on the need to access and use the data. Also, when data is accessed, the system must be able to trace which data was accessed and track the dates and times it was modified.

This is crucial when handling customer information in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The system’s access permissions should be configured such that only selected employees can read, create, update and/or delete any customer related records. In the Bitrix24 CRM, access permissions can be configured for any group of users for unique access levels (read, create, update or delete) and which can be applied to customer or company contact information, leads or deals in any sales & marketing pipelines and to CRM documentation such as quotes, orders and invoices.

Access to marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as the targeted market segments, is also information that must be controlled through access permissions. It could be disastrous if marketing campaigns “fell into the wrong hands” and even worse if competitors could pre-empt the market activity because it was leaked through unauthorised means. Access permissions can be configured for Bitrix24’s CRM Marketing Campaigns, Ads, Segments and Templates for any group of users and for any sales & marketing pipeline.

Besides the information directly related to customers and marketing efforts, there is also a lot of other information shared internally in a business that is linked to the customer and marketing information. This information is stored in calendars (e.g. customer meetings; sales & marketing planning meetings), in shared files & folders (e.g. product & market analysis; marketing collaterals), in sent & received emails, and in task lists & project plans. It goes without saying that adequate access permissions must be configured in these areas as well. Bitrix24 not only includes all of these system features which are integrated with its CRM & CRM Marketing, but also provides access permissions for all of these features.

Look no further than Bitrix24 to provide powerful access control and permission management to give you peace of mind.