Bitrix24 Solutions for Engineering Services

Bitrix24 Solutions for Engineering ServicesThere are businesses that provide technical or engineering field services to their clients where a technician often provides the service on the client’s site. This often involves using test or maintenance equipment to inspect or maintain the client’s plant or machinery, as well as possibly providing spares or consumables necessary to complete the job. Typically the business invoices the client for the time allocated to the job, for the spares or consumables used during the job and for other expenses.

It is imperative that an accurate and up-to-date spares or consumables list is maintained, which includes all of the items and variants that may be required for the client jobs, and which includes the most recent purchasing and selling prices for the items. This will ensure that the technicians can successfully complete the jobs and that items are correctly charged to the client’s account. It is also critical that a system is in place for the technicians to record the time allocated to the client job. The hours allocated to the job need to be accurately allocated to the job, signed off by the client once the job is completed and then accurately invoiced to the client. The system should also allow for recording other expenses incurred on the client job which are charged to the client’s account.

Bitrix24 provides features for all of these requirements. Bitrix24 Tasks can be used to plan and track the time for the client job. Spares and consumable items can be imported as Bitrix24 Products, which can be linked to the client jobs and the Bitrix24 Invoices that are generated. Every client job can be processed through customisable stages in the sale pipeline (e.g. In-Progress, Sign-Off, Invoicing) as a Bitrix24 Deal. Bitrix24’s Contacts and Companies will not only store all the client contact details, but also link to all jobs and communication associated with that client. The Bitrix24 collaboration and communication tools, such as Chats & Calls (audio/video), Webmail, personal and shared Calendars and file sharing on the Bitrix24.Drive will keep all staff ‘in-sync’ whether they are in the office, working remotely or on the client’s site. For the field staff, the Bitrix24 Mobile Apps ensure they are connected even when away from a computer.

So whether the engineering services business is small or large, Bitrix24 will provide the right tools to deliver the best customer service.