Bitrix24 Supernova Release Jun-24

Igniting Exponential Growth

Accelerate your growth, expand your reach, and enhance your intelligence with the new Bitrix24 Supernova. Packed with significant upgrades designed to streamline your workflows and boost efficiency, this is the ultimate solution you need for 2024.

e-Signature for HR

An excellent addition to our suite of automation tools, the e-Signature feature enables you to view and sign your company’s HR documents directly within Bitrix24.



Bitrix24 Supernova Release Jun-24 - e-Signature for HR

Bitrix24 Sync

Introducing Bitrix24 Sync, the refreshed and enhanced version of video calls. It continues to unite your company and facilitate collaboration, now with a brand-new look and feel.

Bitrix24 Supernova Release Jun-24 - Sync


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Universal Activities

Universal activities in the CRM provide an excellent method for organizing and planning tasks for your sales team. You can now create an activity in CRM, add it to your calendar, invite team members, attach links, and more.


Bitrix24 Supernova Release Jun-24 - Universal Activities

BI Builder

Bitrix24’s BI Builder has been enhanced with additional datasets and access permissions, giving you more reporting flexibility and tighter control over sensitive information.

Bitrix24 Supernova Release Jun-24 - BI Builder

New datasets:

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Flows provide an intelligent method for visualizing tasks associated with specific processes within your company (e.g., legal document approval). By creating a flow, everyone can view the current workload and identify bottlenecks, thereby enhancing work efficiency.



Channels introduce numerous exciting communication options in Bitrix24, suitable for both corporate and informal use. Set up a channel for company announcements, employee onboarding, or industry news to share information in a natural and engaging manner.

Bitrix24 Supernova Release Jun-24 - Channels


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Automated Solutions

The ultimate ‘one-size-fits-all’ workflow automation has arrived! Bitrix24’s new automated solutions enable you to create an automated workflow from the ground up, catering to virtually any process – from hiring and onboarding employees to organizing corporate events.


Bitrix24 Supernova Release Jun-24 - Automated Solutions


Numerous enhancements to our AI-powered assistant: prompt library, CoPilot roles, mobile CoPilot, and more.

Bitrix24 Supernova Release Jun-24 - CoPilot