Bitrix24 Value-Added Services

How we can help you get the most out of your Bitrix24

Our Bitrix24 Value-Added Services

Besides providing our clients with Cloud subscriptions, we also provide various Bitrix24 value-added services.

The Bitrix24 value-added services cover the entire Bitrix24 journey, from deciding which Bitrix24 product is most suited to the client’s application, through the implementation, customisation and training, right up to the ongoing support.

Choosing a new business platform can be daunting. Matching the business’s requirements to the various features offered by many of the options available in the market place can be confusing and time consuming.

OptimaBSC helps businesses which are considering Bitrix24 understand and evaluate its features in terms of their requirements. This free service also includes assisting the new Bitrix24 client with which Bitrix24 option best suits their needs.

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Bitrix24 Value-Added Services - Evaluation & Selection

Whether you want to implement Bitrix24 for the first time or you want ‘fine tune’ your existing setup, OptimaBSC provides specialist expertise and experience to get you there quickly, and make sure you maximise your return-on-investment.

OptimaBSC offers clients two implementation approaches, namely a Managed Project approach or a Managed Service approach. Which approach is adopted depends on the client’s preferences and both approaches can be tailored to suit the scope of the Bitrix24 implementation or customisation.

Implementation & Customisation

It is essential that your staff know how to use Bitrix24, especially if you want to maximise the return on your investment. We can assist with system training for all users, including administrative and extranet users. 

OptimaBSC offers both Online and On-Site solutions to help your people get up to speed. Online sessions are conducted via Zoom and are charged per trainee. On-Site sessions are conducted at a location selected by the client and are charged per session and per trainee.

Bitrix24 Value-Added Services - Training

Basic or intermediate level training is currently available for the following topics:

Account & Profile Admin
Communications & Collaboration
Contact Center
CRM Marketing
Desktop & Mobile Apps
Sites & Landing Pages
=   Employee
=   Administrator
=   Extranet User (only group training)

Customised training can be requested, specifically tailored to your requirements. Specialised training is also available for topics not listed above.

Bitrix24 has a comprehensive list of features and new features are regularly added to this list.  Combined with the ability to customise many of these features, it can be difficult to keep abreast of what is available and how to configure Bitrix24 for your needs.

As a Bitrix24 specialist, OptimaBSC offers clients a support service to guide internal staff working with Bitrix24 when looking for that ideal solution or to solve customisation queries.


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