Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23

Leveraging the power of AI

The Bitrix24 Vega release is faster, smarter and more versatile. This release includes a number of new tools and several improvements to existing tools. Bitrix24 is truly the ultimate workspace for any business building for the future.

Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23

CoPilot   NEW!!!

CoPilot is an AI-powered tool inside Bitrix24 designed to help you with mundane tasks, spark ideas and boost your productivity.

Fully integrated with Bitrix24 tools

CoPilot is integrated with key Bitrix24 features, namely Tasks, Chat, Feed and the CRM (coming soon). It has been strategically placed for easy use during the most common workplace scenarios.

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Calendar   IMPROVED!!!

The enhanced and upgraded open slots in Bitrix24 make scheduling events and appointments even more convenient, particularly when using your mobile phone.

Complete mobile app redesign

Open slots can be tailored to accommodate the availability one or more people in your company, regardless of their global location.

Chat   IMPROVED!!!

The chat has undergone a complete revamp and the outcome is a modern and visually appealing team messenger, packed with numerous new features that facilitate efficient collaboration and communication.

Comprehensive design overhaul

The overhauled chat interface is intuitive, sleek, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly.

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Settings and Customisation   IMPROVED!!!

With the redesigned settings panel, you are able to get a tailored version of Bitrix24, featuring only the tools that you require, resulting in a cleaner and more personalized experience.

Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23 - Settings

Flexible and personalised settings

Take control of which Bitrix24 features are available, disabling tools that you don’t currently use.

Mobile App   IMPROVED!!!

Discover an array of enhanced capabilities on your Bitrix24 mobile app and achieve more than ever before.

Improved overall performance

Besides including the new chat, the mobile app can launch automated workflows and has a dark theme.

Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23 - Mobile App

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Inventory Management   IMPROVED!!!

Managing stock balances and tracking inventory items has been simplified, particularly on a smartphone, making it more convenient and accessible than ever before.

Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23 - Inventory Management

Enhanced costing and reporting

BI Builder   COMING SOON!!!

Bitrix24 reports have been upgraded, improved and optimised, easily competing with other major BI tools.

Powerful analytic reporting

Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23 - BI Builder

Need a personalised, custom report template?

Optima can help you setup a BI Builder report template to suit your business requirements.

Internal Document Signing   COMING SOON!!!

Use Bitrix24 Sign to securely sign internal documents and automate all internal HR processes from a centralised hub.

Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23 - Document Signing

Streamlined electronic signing

Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23
Bitrix24 Vega Release Nov23

Leveraging the power of AI