Business Process Consulting

How we can help you optimise your business processes?

Why Business Process Management?

When selecting, implementing and using business systems and software, it is critical to align them to the relevant business process. Any system that is configured and used badly will produce sub-standard business results and reduce productivity.

It is also often necessary to improve business processes before implementing best-in-class systems. Sub-optimal processes which are made more efficient and systemised will magnify poor results quickly and consistently.

Business Process Management

The Benefits of Business Process Management:

Consistency & Reliability

Entrenching best practices in business processes leads to repeatable results and enables automation.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Continuously optimised processes reduce costs, improve productivity and increase quality.

Agility & Responsiveness

Clearly defined and quantified processes permit better and quicker decision making.

Sustainability & Longevity

Integrated and aligned processes enable business continuity during disruptions.

What We Offer:

As an objective and specialist partner, OptimaBSC helps clients navigate system implementations/upgrades and business process improvement projects. Process consulting is not limited to an industry or to a business system. However as an authorised Bitrix24 Partner, we do specialise in consulting to clients who implement and use Bitrix24.

How we help you:

We utilise our unique Business Process Lifecycle Framework when engaging with our clients to optimise their business processes. The framework ensures process improvement is built on a foundation of customer centricity, holistic management and organisational alignment.

Customer Centricity

The core focus of every successful business is the customer. All processes must directly or indirectly, and ultimately serve the customer.

Holistic Management

Stable businesses stand on 3 legs, namely people, processes and systems. Holistically management is critical to improve any one or all three of these.

Organisational Alignment

The alignment of processes to operations, and vice versa, as well as aligning operational functions to each other along the value chain is crucial.

Business Process Lifecycle Framework stages:


The objectives & design principles for business processes are defined by and aligned to the business’s strategy & objectives.


Designing processes & setting performance targets is done using strategy & objectives, best practices and evaluating existing process performance.


When implementing processes, the affected operations should be aligned and some processes may have to be fine-tuned for ‘real-world’ application.


Day-to-day operations are to follow the deployed processes and allow them to be properly embedded into and adopted by the organisation.


While conducting day-to-day operations according to the deployed processes, business performance is measured against identified targets.


Periodically the effectiveness of business processes is analysed and improvement opportunities are identified for the next lifecycle.

Optimise your business processes

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