New Bitrix24 Cloud Plans and Prices

What you need to know about the new Bitrix24 Cloud plans and pricing
(effective from 1-Aug-22)

On 1st August 2022 a new Bitrix24 Cloud plan will be introduced and some updates will be made to the existing Cloud plans.

The key changes are:

  • Introduction of a new Cloud Enterprise plan for up to 250 users with 3Tb storage space and increased limits, for $399/month (for annual billing).
  • Maximum number of users on the Cloud Professional plan limited to 100 users for new subscriptions after 1st August 2022, as well as other changes to plan feature limits.
  • Increased prices for all Bitrix24 Cloud plans, including archived and new plans.

New Cloud Enterprise Plan

The Cloud Enterprise plan will use enterprise-grade scalable server infrastructure for improved service performance and speed, specifically designed for clients with higher scalability, performance and reliability demands. It will also come with advanced security and encryption.

There will be 3 editions of the Enterprise plan for 250 users, 500 users and 1000 users. In addition to the increased 3 TB online storage and other limits, other new enterprise-level features will be introduced like multiple branches and divisions, as well as SAML and Active Directory integration.

Enterprise buildings

Cloud Plans & Pricing

New Cloud Plans (available from 1-Aug-22)

Archived Cloud Plans

If you have any questions about how these changes may affect your Bitrix24 account, please don’t hesitate to contact OptimaBSC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Free plan will continue to offer unlimited users.

Bitrix24’s goal is to ensure an uninterrupted, predictable and reliable customer experience. The new plans and pricing provides proper scalability and top service performance in the most cost effective manner.

An existing Professional plan, which was activated between 1-Aug-21 and 1-Aug-22, will become an archived plan as from 1-Aug-22. All the features and limitations at the time of archiving will remain the same.

The key differences between the existing Professional plan and the new Professional plan are:

  • Users: Unlimited to 100 users
  • Administrators: Unlimited to 10 administrators
  • Deal Pipelines: Unlimited to 20 pipelines
  • Products in catalogue: Unlimited to 500000 products

In terms of the functionality of the archived plans*, there will be no changes. As long as the archived plan remains active, it can be renewed after 1-Aug-22. If an archived plan expires and becomes a Free plan, then it will be necessary to re-activate to one of the new plans***.

Yes. The price for all archived plans* renewed after 1-Aug-22 will increase.

Archived plans* only receive updates for features that were included in the plan before it was archived, while new features released after the plan is archived will not be available.

Yes, it possible to move to one of the new plans*** from archived plans* or existing plans**. Note after 1-Aug-22 plan upgrades or downgrades will have to be done between the plans available at the time of the migration, i.e. it will not be possible to migrate to an archived plan after 1-Aug-22.

On the new Enterprise plan, it is possible to increase from 250 users to 500, 1000 or more users.

* Archived plans: Plus (archived), Start+ (archived), Project+ (archived), CRM+ (archived), Standard (archived) or Professional (archived)
** Existing plans: Basic, Standard or Professional (activated before 1-Aug-22)
*** New plans: Basic, Standard, Professional or Enterprise (activated after 1-Aug-22)