Bitrix24 Solutions for a Remote Office

Bitrix24 Solutions for a Remote OfficeMore and more of the work force today is becoming more mobile and working remotely. This has largely been enabled with the advances in and accessibility to technology. Many employees can work effectively outside of the traditional office, making use of client locations, coffee shops, co-working spaces and even their homes. Many companies promote this approach, with employers investing in the right tools and empowering their staff with the right training and development.

For some companies, developing a workforce that is capable of working remotely is an intentional choice, because they believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, there are often circumstances which force other companies to permit staff to work remotely, rather than this being as a result on an intentional choice. Extreme personal circumstances like an extended or chronic illness of a close family member, mixed with the employee’s ‘irreplaceable’ value to the company, force the company into permitting the employee to work remotely. Alternatively, unexpected or uncontrollable circumstances like natural disasters disrupt the physical workplace, forcing employees out the door to work remotely.

It is better for companies to embrace a culture of a remote workforce and prepare themselves to have staff operating remotely rather than being forced into this way of operating due to uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstances. Bitrix24 Cloud is the perfect tool for companies to create the digital workplace for staff to communicate and collaborate with each other, plan and track projects, deliver the desired customer service right from the first lead to the final invoice. Bitrix24’s CRM Marketing, Contact Centre and integrated Telephony ensure companies stay connected with their customers via multiple communication channels.