Bitrix24 Solutions for HR Requests

Bitrix24 Solutions for HR RequestsUnless your business is a ‘one-man-band’, your business will have to manage employees. A key part of managing employees is providing open channels of communication from the employees to the business, as well as from the business to the employees. Regular team meetings, company newsletters, one-on-one engagements and employee surveys are invaluable tools to keep communication flowing. Additionally, it is essential that formal processes are available to receive requests from employees, as well as to request information from employees for company records.

Providing a system whereby employees can submit specific requests, such as leave requests, expense claims, business travel bookings, purchase order requests or personnel record updates, in an accurate and efficient way is critical. Employees should be able to submit these requests whenever needed and with minimal effort, with the assurance that the request will be routed correctly for approval and processing.

Likewise the company needs systems in place which provide an efficient way to send out individualised requests to all employees, and whereby the employees’ replies can be collected and aggregated without too much or any manual intervention by HR staff. Employee surveys and polls can provide key insights for management and HR departments, especially if the data is collated quickly and meaningful results are available on which to take action.

Employee Polls can be quickly and easily setup in Bitrix24 whenever feedback is needed on a particular topic. Polls allow for multiple questions and multiple responses to each question, can be sent to everyone or a defined group of employees and can be set as anonymous or public polls.

Every Bitrix24 account comes with pre-configured Workflows to process requests from employees, including Leave Approval, Business Trips, General Requests, Purchase Requests and Expense Reports. It is also possible to create customised Bitrix24 Workflows for any other type of employee requests. Workflow requests provide an easy way for employees to submit the request, which are then routed to the approving supervisor and then to whoever will process the request. With the extensive list of actions, Workflows can be configured to send Emails or Notifications, set Meetings or Tasks, and create or edit CRM items.

If you need to improve employee communication, Bitrix24 is the perfect tool.