Bitrix24 Solutions for the Education Sector

Students are not always seen as the typical customer and educational organisations are not always seen as the typical company. However more and more educational organisations are focussing on providing higher quality and more cost-effective services, adopting a more customer-centric approach and are learning to become more agile and efficient.

The substantial workload and degree of complexity that educators face can no longer be managed using outdated resources and methods, and many educational organisations are turning to information technology for solutions.

More and more organisations are turning to CRM systems to manage the relationship with students and the account holders, right from the time of the first inquiry through to graduation. The typical CRM approach of managing of leads and deals through a pipeline can easily be used to manage the engagement with prospective students (as leads) and to process student applications through the registration process (as deals).

The use of task & project management tools is also finding a home inside educational organisations. These tools are useful to manage:
• faculty, departmental or course projects,
• annual events like registrations & enrolments or graduation ceremonies, or
• individual and team tasks.

Like any organisation, it is essential for educational organisations to have communication and collaboration platforms for all employees, and ensure there are open channels of communication to maintain student contact. Many organisations choose to have one platform for communication and collaboration tools which includes direct messaging, audio & video calling, video conferencing, document sharing & storage, and event & meeting planning.

To improve efficiency, educational organisations will also need process automation tools. Process automation tools can:
• increase the speed of processing student applications and registrations,
• reduce errors by eliminating manual data capture at each step in the process, and
• free up administrative staff from repetitive tasks to handling queries and exceptions.

Some educational organisations are turning to Bitrix24 as the one platform to satisfy their needs. Bitrix24 offers a CRM, CRM Marketing, Task & Project Management and Business Process Automation, as well as communication and collaboration tools like Webmail, Calendars, Drive Storage, Document Sharing, Audio and Video Calls, HD Video Conferencing and Open Channels for incoming communications via messaging, websites and social media platforms.